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We have a team of happy, well-trained technicians, ready to help you with any plumbing or gas fitting issue you may have.

Gas Appliance Problems

All gas appliances should be regularly serviced to ensure they are running efficiently and safely, we recommend for most appliances this should be done every two years.
  • The burner is not working correctly
  • The burner will not stay on
  • The gas hot water cylinder has gone cold
  • Gas cooktop not working
  • The flame will not stay on

Services We Provide

The amazing team at Swift fix plumbing is here to help you with all your gas-fitting issues
  • Appliance replacements
  • Installation of gas appliances.
  • Appliance upgrades and repairs
  • Gas hot water heater servicing
  • Gas hot water replacement and upgrades

Pros and Cons of Gas Heating

Gas is here to stay!! Gas is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to supply your home with hot water, heating, or cooking.
  • In most cases, gas is more cost-effective
  • Faster to heat an area
  • Hotter and faster cooking
  • A faster way to heat water
  • Cost less to install

Electric Heating Options

We cover the full range of electric hot water cylinders from low-pressure to solar mains pressure cylinders.
  • Low-pressure hot water cylinder installs, repairs and maintenance.
  • Main pressure upgrade, repairs, and maintenance.
  • Low to high-pressure upgrades.
  • We can arrange the electrician on your behalf.
  • Instantaneous electric water heaters

Why use Swift Fix

Our aim is give our customers the best experience you will receive from any tradesman.

Our values are

  • Integrity
  • Responsible
  • Purpose
  • Engagement
  • Enjoyment