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Electric Low Pressure

This is the most affordable hot water solution on the market and is still the cheapest option if you are looking to replace an existing low pressure system. A low pressure system is when the cold water is fed directly from the street main or a pump, (approximately 500Kpa), and the hot water pressure is reduced to (35 to 76KPA) to protect the cylinder form damage due to over pressurisation. The issue is the extreme difference in the pressure between the hot and cold water (approximately ten times), which causes problems when mixing the water though a modern single lever tap.

The low pressure cylinder was the predominant hot water solution for most houses up to the late 80’s early 90’s as it was the most affordable hot water system on the market. The tapware at the time was very simple so there was not a lot of advantage in having a mains pressure cylinder, this is now not the case.


Mains Pressure Hot Water
Modern technology

Electric Mains Pressure

The modern, easy-care hot water solution, also the easiest and most affordable option for upgrading to mains pressure hot water. A mains pressure system is when the hot and cold water is fed directly from the street main or a pump, (approximately 500Kpa), this allows a seamless mix of the hot and cold water though a modern single lever tap giving you the option of hot, cold, fast, or slow water flow plus the added advantage of opening you up to a whole new world of tapware. Best of all absolutely fantastic shower water pressure.

Main pressure is the future, the added cost of a main pressure solution is quickly counter by the cost saving you will get when purchasing a house lot of tapware. (This is why all modern homes have main pressure hot water systems.)


Mains Pressure Hot Water
Larger Selection of Tap Wear
Modern Technology
Instant Hot Water When Turning on the Tap

Gas Mains Pressure

The latest, easy-use, energy efficient hot water solution. All the advantages of a mains pressure system with the most savings on the running cost, plus with a good gas and power supply you will never run out of hot water.The continuous gas water heater, heat the water as it passes though the machine allowing you to have endless hot water.
The gas water heater can run on both LPG and Natural gas so if you don’t have gas in your street you can still have all the benefits of this system by going to bottled gas. Because the gas bottles are stored on the outside of your house the gas supply company will deliver and replace your empty bottle while you are at work or just having fun, there is no need for you to wait at home.


High Pressure Hot Water
Larger Selection of Tap Wear
Modern Technology
Never Run Out of Hot Water!
Instant Hot Water When Turning on the Tap (depending on califont location)

Freeloader Upgrade Option

For all you Freeloader or Dux gas storage cylinder owner’s
We have an easy, cost effective solution for the replacement of the hot water cylinder. The New “Rheems Stellar” (While the continuous gas heater is the best option the Stellar is not far behind) means you will not have to upgrade your gas lines because the Stellar has the same size gas feed as your existing Freeloader or Dux cylinder would be.
The Rheems Stellar has a much more efficient heating process, which is designed to heat the cylinder from the inside and the outside of the water jacket at the same time. This will reduce the time it takes to reheat the cylinder to the desired temperature which will save you in energy cost, plus the Stellar has better insulation to hold in the heat.


Easy Upgrade From Current System
Modern Solution for Replacing Obsolete Systems