Fast Action Tips for Emergency Plumbing Services

Fast Action Tips for Emergency Plumbing Services

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Tips for Emergency Plumbing Services

Whether you are facing a small leak or a major flood, time is the most important factor that will affect the amount of money that you will spend on renovation costs. Water damage can be expensive to repair, which is why you need to act fast if you suspect a problem. Don’t wait until your home or office has been damaged severely! Instead, implement these fast action tips to stop the problems and repair your system as soon as possible.

Step #1: Turn off the Water

If a pipe is broken or water is spraying from a faucet, then you need to turn off the water source to stop the flood. Stop it at the source at first. For example, there is often a shut-off valve below the sink or near the toilet or appliance. Sometimes it is necessary to turn off the main water line valve if you are dealing with broken pipes or a bigger problem.

Step #2: Area Restriction

Kids or pets could potentially be at risk if they start playing in the water. Sometimes the water is tainted due to waste or sewage. Other times, the proximity of electrical lines could pose a threat. Restrict the area to keep pets and kids away from the contaminants.

Step #3: Call a Plumber

Now that water is no longer flowing into your home; it is time to bring in a team of professionals. Call an Auckland plumber to schedule an emergency appointment. We will come to your home or office as quickly as possible to identify the issue and repair the plumbing system.

Step #4: Clean Up the Water

There’s no reason to sit around while you are waiting for the plumber to come. Small water leaks can be cleaned up with towels, mops, or a wet vacuum. Try draining the lines if possible to move water out of the house. For example, if the main water line is turned off, then you can turn on the faucets which will drain the water that remained in the lines.

A fast response will limit the moisture damage and decrease the risk of mould development. So, you shouldn’t delay the phone call to a local plumbing contractor. Prompt action means that you will have a lower risk of expensive damage.

For assistance with your plumbing emergency, call us at Swiftfix Plumbing. We offer over 70 years of combined experience in the industry, providing the best plumbing services for homeowners and business owners in Auckland. Call to schedule an appointment with our team.