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Signs It is Time to Replace the Pipes in Your Home

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Are you paying attention to the function of your plumbing system so that you can tell when it is time to call a plumber for assistance? If something goes wrong with your plumbing, then it can start a domino effect that results in expensive renovation bills to repair the damage. Instead of risking water issues and leaks, it is best to call plumbers Auckland when you notice that something might be wrong.

Signs of Pipe Problems

Taking care of your plumbing should be a priority so that you can maintain safe, clean water for your home or office. Even though you don’t have the tools or experience to inspect the quality of your pipes, you can look for signs that indicate a problem. Watch for these warning signs:

  • Slow or Clogged Drains: If one or more drain is moving slowly, then it could be debris blocking the pipe. In some situations, the clog could be localized to a sink or shower. Other times, it might be a bigger issue, such as a damaged sewer line. Skip the home remedies for drain clearing and call an expert team for diagnosis.
  • Unusual Sounds: It is normal to hear noises when you are running the faucet or using the washing machine. But, you shouldn’t hear plumbing noises if you aren’t running any water. If you can hear these noises, then it could be an indication of a leak.
  • Changes in Water Pressure: Have you noticed that the water pressure in the shower has decreased? Low water pressure could be an indication of a system-wide problem that needs to be addressed.
  • Contaminated Faucets: Pay attention to the water that comes through the faucets. If you see that the water is contaminated, then you need to call a plumber right away. Signs of contamination include a grainy texture, unusual smells or discoloration.
  • Pooling Water: There shouldn’t be puddles of water under the sink or in unusual areas around the house. Not only do these issues indicate a leak, but the standing water can promote mould growth and water damage.

Calling a plumber is the best thing that you can do if you suspect a problem with your pipes or water. At Swiftfix Plumbing, we are working hard to be the best plumber in Auckland. We offer over 70 years of combined experienced, ensuring optimal results for our customers. Call today to learn about the services that we offer.